Hi everyone!

This is story About us:

Far away there is a wonderful and magical land, a place where forests are as vast and green as they are in your dreams.  Trees in all directions and not even the birds can see where the end is.  The sky is impossibly blue with nary a cloud in sight.

Beneath the canopy of this land there is more than meets the eye.  Beneath the leaves and branches there is a special place, a place where a sacred plant is grown; the place is called the Fields of Gold, the sacred plant is flax!

This fantastical place is tended to by many creatures should you be quiet and keep hidden.  Should you be lucky you might catch Mr Gnome and Lady Squirrel sowing the golden flax seeds; perhaps you might chance upon Mr Rabbit and Little Owl collecting up some of the plants for use in their fantastical handmade linen textiles.

Follow them, Mr Rabbit and Little Owl, follow them to see where they take their sacred plants…down the path towards a beautiful wooden house with round windows, an arched door…behind the windows you can see a hive of activity…glimpse of other woodland animals…

You see a woodpecker glide into view and land on the door handle.  It turns its red tufted head around, as if to see if there is anyone who shouldn’t be around.
Knock knock! with its beak on the door.  Knock knock!

The door opens and you can see inside, you can see the delightfully crafted textiles.  Mr Rabbit and Little Owl go inside.  Now you see Lady Squirrel and Mr Gnome walk down the path, and they too are carrying sacred flax.

“Knock knock,” says Mr Gnome.  “Come inside and see for yourselves what we make from these sacred plants!”

Knock knock website front page - Storry


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