Kind words from Kristy, one of our newest customers

Dear Egle,

I’m so glad I found you and your lovely linen! Currently using a cotton centerpiece, I put the linen mats along side when they arrived. Although the cotton was very pretty, I quickly noticed that the linen really made a statement showing its soft, warm texture – undoubtedly the best of all textiles available for table dressing. I guess it’s the climate – European linen is absolutely gorgeous! In the beginning, my thought was to get the basics – a centerpiece with 4 matching placemats, but soon afterward I realized that coasters and trivets would also be nice.

I’m sure others frequently ask for your opinion when deciding on custom linens. I’ve had my table for about 20 years and have not always made the best purchases in the past.  Learning from my own mistakes, I will explain how I made my sizing choices this time around for what I believe to be optimum mat usage/flexibility of the centerpiece ensemble that was recently purchased from you.

4 placements look nice on most tables, while 6 can be a little boring and a tablecloth is needed instead.  Flat and unfolded, the centerpiece is the correct size when it takes the place of 4 side placemats and there is enough space on the ends of the table for 2 matching placemats. For layering, the oatmeal and off-white woven linen blends so nicely with a white linen tablecloth.

It is a good idea to have a set of 4 placemats to protect the table from spills and scratches. For everyday use. 2 folded placemats are placed on top of each other, due to the heavy weight of the teapot. The other placemats are folded for individual teacup use.

Layering and mat folding add to the look and help balance multiple items displayed. If space is an issue, 2 layered placemats can also be used as a centerpiece. Matching coasters and trivets add interest to any table size.

When using a Christmas tree as the centerpiece, the centerpiece mat transforms into a lovely tree skirt; the same look is possible with placemats, if the tree has a stand. There’s lots of fabric to hide the battery box, just in case the tree has lights. Linen can also give the similar look of a quaint burlap wrapped root ball and drapes so much better than cotton or burlap.

The final step in choosing the best sizes for the centerpiece ensemble is to think outside of the dining area. Is there furniture in another room where one or more of the mats can be used … top side up, upside-down, vertical, horizontal or folded?

This is not the same linen that I grew up with! It is much softer and pliable and seems that it’s intended to be used without ironing. It’s great to have options – this is how my china looks both ways. Yes, linen costs more than cotton … because of it’s versatility it’s worth every penny! It goes with things we already have, are found in our own backyards or at minimal cost from a craft store, so money is saved in the long run!

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and thank you, so much, for bringing your fine linens to the marketplace. Best wishes, Kristy

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