About Knock Knock Linen

Image                                                       Knock Knock Linen family Egle and Gintaras

Tradition is our core.
    We were raised surrounded by women who sang while working with linen textiles and made beautiful products for there homes. Linen was an important part of our culture, it was passed from generation to generation and we would like to bring that back,we would like to revive our memories.
Our products use traditional and sustainable materials that our grandmothers use to make clothes, towels, and kitchen textiles with. ..at the same time, they have a modern design. They are made with a lot of love and care from  highest quality linen that comes from our home country, Lithuania,
which make it even more special to us.

    We would like to knock on your door,enter your home with our homemade linen,and hope you can feel the care and love with which it was made.

    For us, it is such an inspiration to work with linen, it’s character is so specific…it is almost hard in the beginning but by time it gets softer, more flexible, it adapts to your body and makes you feel really comfortable. It’s wrinkled texture gives it a soul and rustic look,it reminds on face of wise, old man whose wrinkles tell his life story.

    We hope one day to gather all of this and make a village where one could see all this process from the beginning…growing flax,weaving the linen fabrics, crafting…in a same way our grandparents did, the place where you could come and witness all the process,sing the same songs our grandmothers did when they sewed their linen, enjoy nature,and relax.

Natural and 100% biodegradable packaging by Knock Knock

We would like to share with you our eco friendly and 100% biodegradable materials for packaging. All  purchase from Knock Knock will be wrapped in gorgeous brown craft paper tightened with jute string. Beautiful card with information on how to care for linen is nice add-on. To make it even more eco friendly we are printing invoices on brown craft paper. All this will be delivered to in water-sealed 100% biodegradable bag.


New Lovely Textile


Antique Style White Linen Towel/Table Runner With Hand Knotted Fringe

Gorgeous handmade antique style towel/table runner from pure white linen with crochet cotton lace and hand-knotted fringes. This towel/table runner will gave you an antique vibe in your kitchen…

100% handmade
100% pure washed linen (doesn’t shrink anymore)
Colour: white
Crochet cotton lace
Measures approx: 170 cm x 33.5 cm; 53.5 inch x 13.25 inch;
Hand – knotted fringe 13 cm; 5 inch
Machine washing
Made in Scotland,UK


Rustic Linen Leaf Coasters

Add a bit of nature décor to your table. These natural linen leaf coasters will gave you a rustic elegance in your dinning room…
These cosy coasters are hand made from 100% soft washed linen.

100% linen
Measurements: 18.5x 12cm; 7.5 x 4.5 inch
Colour: natural flax
Double layer
Pre washed linen (doesn’t shrink anymore)
Set of 4
Handmade in Scotland,UK


Rustic Linen Bath Towels

Long-lasting, and absorbent bath towels are hand sewn and made from pure linen fabrics.
Perfect for your rustic style bathroom. Linen towels will get softer with each wash.

100% linen
Colours: natural flax, deep royal purple
Washed linen (doesn’t shrink anymore)
Measure approx: 96 x 138 cm; 38 x 54 inch
Has a handy loop sewn in for hanging
Machine wash
Made in Scotland,UK


Rustic Stripe Linen Table Cloth

Stripe linen tablecloth will gave you a rustic style in your kitchen… This long lasting linen tablecloth will only get softer with each wash.

100% linen
Washed linen (doesn’t shrink anymore)
Colours: deep royal purple and natural linen colour combination
Measure approx: 138 x 250 cm; 55 x 100 inch
Machine wash
Made in Scotland,UK

Hi everyone!

This is story About us:

Far away there is a wonderful and magical land, a place where forests are as vast and green as they are in your dreams.  Trees in all directions and not even the birds can see where the end is.  The sky is impossibly blue with nary a cloud in sight.

Beneath the canopy of this land there is more than meets the eye.  Beneath the leaves and branches there is a special place, a place where a sacred plant is grown; the place is called the Fields of Gold, the sacred plant is flax!

This fantastical place is tended to by many creatures should you be quiet and keep hidden.  Should you be lucky you might catch Mr Gnome and Lady Squirrel sowing the golden flax seeds; perhaps you might chance upon Mr Rabbit and Little Owl collecting up some of the plants for use in their fantastical handmade linen textiles.

Follow them, Mr Rabbit and Little Owl, follow them to see where they take their sacred plants…down the path towards a beautiful wooden house with round windows, an arched door…behind the windows you can see a hive of activity…glimpse of other woodland animals…

You see a woodpecker glide into view and land on the door handle.  It turns its red tufted head around, as if to see if there is anyone who shouldn’t be around.
Knock knock! with its beak on the door.  Knock knock!

The door opens and you can see inside, you can see the delightfully crafted textiles.  Mr Rabbit and Little Owl go inside.  Now you see Lady Squirrel and Mr Gnome walk down the path, and they too are carrying sacred flax.

“Knock knock,” says Mr Gnome.  “Come inside and see for yourselves what we make from these sacred plants!”

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